April 11-12, 2022

From Abstract to Action

Turning Theory into Practice for Multilingual Learners

Delaware Department of Education

James Nottingham

Internationally renowned keynote speaker, educational leader, and the author of the Learning Challenge and The Learning Pit.

Andrea Honigsfeld

Author, presenter, and professor, her recent work is focused on co-teaching and teacher collaboration for Multilingual learners.

Ayanna Cooper

National presenter, author, and advocate for the civil rights of culturally and linguistically diverse learners.

Jeff Zwiers

Jeff Zwiers, renowned author, speaker, and researcher at Understanding Language brings insight into helping students learn through rich interactions and conversations.

Michael McDowell

Dr. McDowell, Superintendent is a prolific author, international presenter, and recognized as one of the leading authorities on integrating innovative and impactful practices for systemic change.

Jack Dieckmann

Dr. Dieckmann is an international researcher, speaker, and leader known for his work around amplifying language for mathematical purposes. He is the Director of Research at youcubed and the former Associate Director of SCALE at Stanford University.

Ivannia Soto

Dr. Ivannia Soto is a national presenter, author, and professor of Education at Whittier College, where she specializes in systemic reform for Multilingual learners and urban education.

Steven Weiss

Steven Weiss is the Director of Leadership Initiatives at Understanding Language. His work cultivates leadership capacity at the school site, district and state level to lead systemic change for Multilingual learners.

Olympia Kyriakidis

Executive Director for the Multilingual Education, Equity, and Global Achievement Department at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE). Dr. Kyriakidis leads a county team focused on supporting San Diego County’s 42 school districts in exploring equity, access, and improved academic outcomes for students with a special focus on language learners.

Dr. Jessica Hazzard

Cape Henlopen School District

MLL Leadership: It's a Journey

Take a real-life journey through one district's ongoing work for multilingual learners. Prepare to engage leadership and teams to keep MLLs at the heart. Believe in your own abilities and engage others with ideas from this session. You can lead teams in this journey.

Marisa Hockman

Jennifer Lovellette

Indian River School District

MLL Shadowing!

Join this engaging session to gain new knowledge as colleagues from the Indian River School district share new learning from their experience with MLL Shadowing.

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