The Schedule

Opening Keynote

Monday, April 11 @5:00 PM EST James Nottingham

The Learning Challenge is designed to help students think and talk about their own learning as a representation of Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (1978) by describing and enacting the move from actual to potential understanding. This process develops a growth mindset (Dweck, 2006), prompts exploration of alternatives, contradictions; and encourages learners to willingly step outside their comfort zone. Learn More Here.

Session Resouces

Civil Rights for MLLs

Tuesday, April 12 @9:30 AM EST Dr. Ayanna Cooper

Dr. Cooper is an educator, author, and advocate for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. She is the author of And Justice for ELs; A Leader's Guide to Creating and Sustaining Equitable School, co-editor of Black Immigrants in the United States; Essays on the Politics of Race, Language and Voice, and co-author of Evaluating ALL Teachers of English learners and students with disabilities: Supporting great teaching. She has contributed to various publications such as the WIDA Essential Actions Handbook, book chapters, a TESOL blog series, and Language Magazine. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors (2020 - 2023) for TESOL International Association. Learn more here.

Turning Data into DLI Practice

Tuesday, April 12 @10:30-11:30 AM EST Dr. Olympia Kyriakidis

Olympia Kyriakidis, Ed.D., is the Executive Director for the Multilingual Education, Equity, and Global Achievement Department at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE). Dr. Kyriakidis leads a county team focused on supporting San Diego County’s 42 school districts in exploring equity, access, and improved academic outcomes for students with a special focus on language learners. Before joining SDCOE, Dr. Kyriakidis worked for the Lakeside Union School District for 16 years, where she developed and led two successful language immersion programs. In 2014, Dr. Kyriakidis was recognized as the ACSA California Elementary Administrator of the Year for her leadership. Dr. Kyriakidis also supports doctoral candidates for San Diego State University.

Dr. Jessica Hazzard

Tuesday, April 12 @10:30 EST Dr. Jessica Hazzard

Dr. Jessica Hazzard specializes in educational equity, improving programs, and assessment for Multilingual Learners. She is currently an MLL Leader in the State of Delaware and works as a District English Learner Specialist in Cape Henlopen School District. Her 21 years of educational experience include EL and Reading Specialist leadership, instructional coaching, teaching, and engaging teams in professional development. She is a lifelong learner, a believer in ensuring students are the heart of the matter, and the recipient of the Doctor of Education Award for Academic Excellence. Learn more at this blog, A Collaborative Game Plan for Student Equity | Frontline Education.

Dr. Hazzard will be presenting with Fred Best. Mr. Best is the proud Principal of Mariner Middle School in Cape Henlopen School District. His belief in connection before content supports his school teams in affirming the value of students and promoting equity.

Join them for ...MLL Leadership: It's a Journey! Take a real-life journey through one district's ongoing work for multilingual learners. Prepare to engage leadership and teams to keep MLLs at the heart. Believe in your own abilities and engage others with ideas from this session. You can lead teams in this journey.

MLL Shadowing

Tuesday, April 12 @Noon EST Dr. Ivannia Soto

Dr. Soto has authored and co-authored twelve books, including the best seller Shadowing Multilingual Learners 2nd Edition. These great works tell a story of how to equitably engage and include MLLs by ensuring that they gain voice and an academic identity in the classroom setting. Soto is Executive Director of the Institute for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching (ICLRT) at Whittier College, whose mission it is to promote relevant research and develop academic resources for ELLs and Standard English Learners (SELs) via linguistically and culturally responsive teaching practices. Learn more here.

Marisa Hockman & Jennifer Lovellette

Tuesday, April 12 @1:00 PM EST Indian River School District: MLL Shadowing

Join this engaging session to gain new knowledge as colleagues from Indian River School district share new learning from their experience with MLL Shadowing.

Marisa Hockman, Ed.D - 20 years of experience in teaching ELA, ELL, and Literacy development at all K-12 and university levels. Marisa is the Elementary EL/ELA Literacy Instructional Specialist with the Indian River School District, supporting teachers of all content areas as they increase efficacy around developing literacy of all students, especially with Multilingual Learners. Marisa engages in research related to teaching ELA, ELs, and teacher preparation for working with ELs.

Jennifer Lovellette, Ph.D - 21 years of experience in education teaching students of all levels and needs. Most recently, Jennifer has worked as an instructional interventionist supporting teachers and Multilingual Learners at the high school level. Currently, she is the Secondary English Learner Specialist for the Indian River School District supporting individual school coordinators to advance instruction and support for Multilingual learners within the district.

High-Leverage Instructional Practices in DLI Programs

Tuesday, April 12 @2:00 PM EST Piper Riddle

A learner first, leader second -- that's how Piper Riddle would describe her approach to leadership. Piper is in her 8th year as an elementary school principal and her 22nd year in education. She has also served as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach, a curriculum specialist, an instructional PD facilitator, and an adjunct professor. Piper is passionate about student-centered learning, evidence-based instruction, and restorative practices. Piper's favorite role is that of student. She has an Ed.S. from Utah State U, a M.Ed. from Southern Utah U, Endorsements in Reading, Math, Leadership, and Curriculum, and is a diehard fan of her alma mater -- Boise State U, where she first received her Elementary Ed. degree.

High-Quality Instruction

Tuesday, April 12 @2:00 PM EST Steven Weiss

Steven Weiss is the Director of Leadership Initiatives at Understanding Language. His work cultivates leadership capacity at the school site, district, and state level to lead systemic change for Multilingual learners. Steven’s work focuses on improving the educational opportunities for Multilingual Learners, by supporting teachers and site and/or district administrators to improve instruction for MLLs through professional development. Steven is the developer of the Proximal Path app that focuses on the analysis of academic discourse and dialogue for high- quality instruction. Learn more here.

Teacher Collaboration

Tuesday, April 12 @3:00 PM EST Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld

Dr. Honigsfeld specializes in collaboration and co-Teaching for English Learners. She is an author and co-author to many books and articles that share a framework for collaborative practices that inspire general education teachers and instructional specialists (e.g., special education, literacy) to engage in, review, evaluate, and adapt seven coteaching models that promote an integrated service delivery for the sake of MLLs in all instructional settings. Learn more here.

Authentic Communication

Tuesday, April 12 @4:15 PM EST Dr. Jeff Zwiers

Jeff Zwiers, author, speaker, and researcher at Understanding Language, a research and professional learning project focused on improving instruction and assessment of all students, with an extra emphasis on serving the needs of linguistically and culturally diverse learners. Jeff works nationally and internationally with educators to promote high-quality language, literacy, lesson design, and formative assessment practices. His current research focuses on developing classroom instruction that fosters rich communication and productive academic conversations across disciplines and grade levels. Learn More Here.

Clarity & Collaboration

Tuesday, April 12 @5:30 PM EST Dr. Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell, Ed.D. serves as the Superintendent of the Ross School District. During his tenure, the Ross School District has progressed to the top of California schools and districts in relation to student connectedness and wellbeing. Beyond academic achievement and social and emotional development, the Ross School District has emerged as a beacon for innovation creating over 65+ different electives from virtual game design and broadcast journalism, sponsoring the first TEDxYouth event in the Bay Area, and co- creating a student led non-profit that engages in service-learning and community engagement around the world. Dr. McDowell is the creator and author of all 5 published works and original professional development programs offered through Hinge Education that support professional learning in educational systems around the world. Learn more here.

Learn from your peers!

Delaware Educator Spotlight

Learn from your peers!

Delaware Educator Spotlight