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Seaford School District High-Quality Education for MLLs

Join us for an in-depth look at how Seaford, Delaware is creating the system-wide conditions for high-quality education for Multilingual Learners(MLLs). In this video, learn from colleagues about how the district is implementing High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) with an emphasis on professional learning, lesson rehearsal, communication structures, the value of data-driven- systems, and student-centered PLCs! Special thanks to all Seaford Educators and these wonderful Seaford Leaders: Kelly Carvajal Hageman, Teri Burris, and Jessica Redmond. Special thanks to Shay Crowson, who contributed to the content.

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Civil Rights for MLLs

Dr. Cooper

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Boston Haitian Creole School Video & Civil Rights Blog

Black Immigrants in the United States

Language Magazine, Pass the Mic Series

Ellevations podcast

Educator Spotlight

Cape Henlopen Video & chat

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Turning Data Into

DLI Practice

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Liberatory Design Overview

D School Stanford

Celebrating Dual Language Immersion

Delaware Dual Language Districts & Schools

DLI Overview

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High-Leverage Instructional Practices in DLI Programs

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Visible Learning

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MLL Shadowing

Dr. Soto

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Structuring Talk

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Keynote Dr. McDowell

Secondary Math

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ELD & High-Quality Instruction

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DE Guiding Principles for

High-Quality Education

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Shared Responsibility for All Educators

All educators share the responsibility for high-quality grade-level instruction that will prepare English learners to succeed in college, career, and life. Instructional Practices for ALL Delaware Educators.

Asset-Based & Culturally Relevant

All educators design culturally and linguistically responsive learning environments that draw on student language and cultural assets. What does it look like?

Rigorous Grade-Level Opportunities to Learn

All educators integrate language and literacy development within all disciplines. What does it look like?

Assessment for Learning

All educators use a variety of measures to continuously refine and adjust instruction to meet Delaware’s Content and Language Standards. What does it look like?

Building Autonomous Learners

All educators provide scaffolded learning activities to build student autonomy. What does it look like?

2021 Padlet

DDOE 2021 Conference Archives: Padlet: Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Instruction for Multilingual Learners Resources & Videos